Documentary Films

Giants Of Africa - Feature (to be released in 2016).
Dir: Hubert Davis. Prod Co: MLSE.

The Faith Project - Interactive Film Series.
Dir/D.P/Editor: Chris Romeike. NFB, Gerry Flahive, Lea Marin.

Hurt - Feature.
Dir: Alan Zweig. Prod Co: MDF Productions.
Platform Prize TIFF 2015. Best Feature Documentary Canadian Screen Awards 2016.

The Team - Feature.
Dir: Patrick Reed. Prod Co: White Pine, Peter Raymont.
Premiered IDFA 2010 and Hot Docs in 2011. 2013 CSA Nominee for Best Photography in a
Documentary Program.

Alias - Feature.
Dir: Michelle Latimer. Prod Co: Streel Films.
Premiered at Hot Docs 2013, CSA Nominee 2015.

Jackpot - Feature.
Dir: Alan Black Prod Co: Streel Films.
Hot Docs 2009. Best Documentary-Yorkton Film Festival.

Invisible City - Feature.
Dir: Hubert Davis. Prod Co: NFB, Industry Pictures.
Winner Best Canadian Documentary Hot Docs 2009.

Souvenir of Canada - Feature.
Dir: Robin Neinstein. Prod Co: Media Head Quarters, NFB, CBC.
Premiered at TIFF 2005 followed by Canada wide theatrical release.

9 Months 6 Blocks - Short.
Dir/D.P: Chris Romeike. TVO/ NFB
Hot Docs 2005, honorable mention for best direction.

Weather Report - Feature.
Dir: Brenda Longfellow, Prod Co: Sienna Films. NFB, CBC (Nature of Things).

Tina In Mexico - Feature.
Dir: Brenda Longfellow Gerda Films.
Hot Docs 2002. Golden Sheaf Award for Cinematography 2003.

Zero Degrees of Separation - Feature.
Dir: Ellen Flanders. Graphic Pictures, NFB.
Premiered at Hot Docs and Berlin 2005.

The Last Farmer - Short.
Dir/D.P/ Editor/ Prod: Chris Romeike. Bravo Channel.

Television Documentaries and Series

History Based

Museum Secrets - 10 x 1hr. History Television-Seasons 1-3.
Various directors. Prod Co: Kensington Communications.

Real Vikings: Viking Women.
Dir: Rebecca Snow. Prod Co: Take 5.

Treasures Decoded - Blackbreard's Ship.
Dir: Graeme Ball. Pier 21, History Televison.

The Great Martian War.
Dir: Mike Slee.
Prod Co: Saloon Media, Entertainment One and Impossible Pictures.

Things that Move. 13x 1/2 hr for History Channel.
Various directors. Production Co: Primitive Pictures.

Mummies Alive - 5 x 1 hr episodes. History Televison.
Various directors. Prod Co: Saloon Media.

Beasts of the Bible - 1.5 hr Special.
Dir: Graham Ball. Associated Producers. Animal Planet.

The Egyptian Job.
2nd unit D.P. Prod Co: Cream Productions. National Geographic.

Bloodlines 2x 47min.
Dir: Peter Lynch and Victor Kushmaniuk - YAP Production. History Television.

The Naked Archeologist. 13x 1/2 hour
Prod Co: Associate Producers, Vision T.V.

First Light: Tuscany and the Dawn of the Renaissance. - 4 x 1hr
Dir: Jeff Siberry. Prod Co: Alberta Nokes, Vision TV.

Mystic Women of the Middle Ages 13x 1/2 hr. PBS.

Inside Hanna's Suitcase - Feature.
2nd unit cinematography- Canada. Rhombus Media. Dir: Larry Weinstein.

Science/ Nature Series

The Nature of Things - CBC Series and Episodes:
- Project X - Series - 13 x hour, various directors.
- The Equalizer- Dir: Rebbeca Snow
- Bones, Bugs and Botany. Dir :Daniel Zuckerbrot
- The Senses - Taste and Smell. Dir: Kenton Vaughn
- The Messenger - Credit as additional camera. Dir: Su Rynard
- Weather Report - Dir: Brenda Longfellow.

National Parks Project. Discovery Channel.
Episodes: Gwaii Hanas, Gros Morne, Wapusk. Prod Co: Primitive Entertainment.

The Body Machine. 2 x 60min Special.
Dir: Robin Bicknell, MB Media. Discovery Channel.

Visions of Canada - 6 x 30min.
Dir/D.P: Chris Romeike. Portrait series of Canadian landscapes. Vision Television.

Bio-Dad. Dir: Barry Stephens, Barna Alper Productions, CBC.

Inside Queen Marry II, EPI - Discovery Channel.

The Zoo Diaries. Microtainment, Life Channel.

Biography/ Social Issue /Current Affairs Documentaries.

The Interpreters - 15min short. Bravo/ Bell Media.
Dir : Michelle Shepard, Patrick Reed. Reed Media.

Move your Mind. 6 min short.
Dir: Hubert Davis. National Film Board of Canada.

Inner Rush: 6 min short .
Dir/ Co-D.P: Chris Romeike, National Film Board of Canada.

Future of Storytelling 5 min short.
Dir: Hubert Davis Prod. National Film Board of Canada.

Musicians in the War Zone-Iraq: Sanctions and the Effect on Children.
Dir: Liz Marshall, MuchMusic/War Child Canada.

Voices of Dissent - The Struggle for Freedom of Speech in Turkey. TV.
Dir: Liz Marshall, Prod: Daniel Ritchler. Book Television. CAB winner 2002.

Cultural Documentary Series/ Reality/Lifestyle TV

Unsung: Behind the Glee.
Dir : Moze Mossanen Prod Co: Shaftesbury CSA Winner 2015

Four Seasons Mosaic. TV Feature CBC's Opening Night.
Dir: Ann Shin Prod: Robin Neinstein - Media Head Quarter, CBC.
Gemini nomination for Best Photography in a Performance Arts Program or Series 2005.

The Raw Side of...
Dir: various. IFC

City Sonic.
Dir: Peter Lynch

Guides and Gurus
Dir/ D.P Chris Romeike. Vision Channel.

I Do Lets Eat. Food Network.

Comedy and Kids Programs

Punched Up - Comedy Network.
Prod: Alan Novak Dir: Ian MacDonald.

CrashBox - Season 1: HBO Family.

Kenny vs. Spenny, CBC, Breakthrough Films.

Pitch Feature Documentary.
Dir: K.Hotz and S.Rice - Gotham Ent. (S16mm)

Dramatic Fiction

Blind. 8 min short.
Dir :Sean Garrity. Bravo Channel.

Seven Persons: 20 min short for Bravo Channel.
Dir/ Editor: Chris Romeike. D.P: Steve Cosens and Chris Romeike.

Sheket; 30 min short - 2010.
Dir: Andrea Cohen-B. EKLA Productions-France.
Cinefranco Film Festival 2012.

How are You?; 30 min short. 2008
Dir: Martha Burns, Susan Coyne. Devil's Gap Productions.
TIFF 2008 Premier.

We'll Always Have Paris. 26min short.
Dir: Boaz Beeri. Tel Aviv Film Festival.

Selected Commercials/ Doc Ads / Show Openers

Petro-Canada Face to Face (3x 30 sec spots and 3 x 2 min mini docs)
Dir: Huber Davis. Untitled Films.

Once More: The Story of VIN 903847.
20 min Documentary for Volkswagen. Dir: Hubert Davis . Untitled Films.

Various spots as second unit D.P/camera: Tim Hortons, Scotiabank, Heineken.

Films on Film: Show opener for Turner Classic Movies.
BDA Gold Winner -Cuppa Coffee Animation . Dir: Justin Stephenson

Movies Inside Out: Show opener for The Movie Channel. Cuppa Coffee Animation.
Dir: Chris Romeike. Houston International Film Festival Gold Winner 2000.

ABC 4 News: 4 x ABC News Utah spots.

Various Music Videos: K-OS, Patricia O'Callahan, Lal, Sook Yin Lee, The Mahones, The Jazz Mongers.

Awards for works photographed:

1997 Toronto Independent Film Festival Best Documentary: PITCH
1998 BDA/Promax Gold: Films on Film: opener for TCM-USA.
1998 BDA/Promax Gold: The Adventures of Sam Digital in the 21st Century-Nickelodeon Short Film.
2000 Houston International Festival: Gold: Bubblegum Crew.
2001 New York Film Festival: Bronze: Musicians in the War Zone. 2002 Cuban Film Festival: Revolution and Culture Award: Tina in Mexico.
2003 CAB Silver Ribbon Award for Best Public Affairs Program: Voices of Dissent-The Struggle for Freedom of Speech in Turkey.
2009 Best Documentary - Yorkton Film Festival: Jackpot.
2009 Best Canadian Feature - Hot Docs Film Festival: Invisible City.
2010-2013 Various CSA Awards : Museum Secrets, including best Historical Documentary Series.
2015 CSA for Best Arts Documentary : Unsung- Behind the Glee.
2016 CSA for best Documentary Film, Platform Prize TIFF 2015: Hurt.

Cinematography and Directing Awards and Nominations:

Houston International Festival: Gold: TCM Movies Inside Out - Show Open. Dir: Chris Romeike.
MuchMusic Video Award for Best Rap Video Musical Essence
K-OS. 1995. Dir/D.P: Chris Romeike.
2003 Golden Sheaf Award for Cinematography: Tina In Mexico.
2005 Gemini Nomination for Best Photography in a Performing Arts Program: Four Seasons Mosaic.
2013: Canadian Screen Awards Nomination for Best Photography in a Documentary Program: The Team.

Personal Profile

- BFA from Ryerson University in Media Arts 1994.
- MFA in Film Production from York University 2013.
- Twenty years in the film and television industry as a cinematographer and director.

Teaching and Workshops.
Teacher Assistant in Media Studies York University 2012.
Conducted classes and workshops in cinematography and documentary filmmaking at York University 2005-2015.
Led workshops in documentary/ video making at St Albans Boys and Girls Club.
Led cinematography workshops at LIFT (Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto).

Overseas Workshops.
Led video cinematography workshops at MYSA, Nairobi, Kenya in 2009.
Led workshop in cinematography, editing and music video making at AUCYD in Freetown,
Sierra Leone in association with War Child Canada in 2012.